Getting started with Sencha Touch 2 on your MAC

As the fresh developers to the sencha touch development, one of the challenges is to configure sencha touch 2 on the machine. This is a small post the defines the steps to install and configure the Sencha Touch 2 on the system.

Please Note: This installation steps are specifically for the Mac Machines.

Pr-requisites: You will require a local server to run the applications built on the Sencha Touch Platform such as MAMP.

1. Download the Sencha touch package from the website. Click Here to download the package.

2. Unzip the package and extract the contents to a destination.

3. Download the Sencha Command Tool from the sencha touch website. Click here to download the installation setup.

4. Run the installation file that is downloaded from the website.

5. To check whether the Sencha Command is installed properly or not, Open Terminal and type “sencha” to it. The output similar to the one specified in the image below will be displayed to you in case the installation is done successfully.

Sencha Cmd

Sencha Command helps you to compile, run and create the applications using the command line.

The installation and configuration of the sencha on the machine is done successfully.

You can use any type of editor to manage the files for the sencha touch application. The recommended are Sencha Touch 2 Architect, Aptana Studio, Xcode, Dashcode.

To view how to create an application using the sencha cmd please look into the next post of the series.

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